Technology has improved a lot and has also brought a massive change in our life. Internet payment solutions are transit points that help in electronic transfer of funds from the account of one person to another. Internet payment gateways are responsible and also help in operation of modern facilities like net banking and online shopping.

What are Internet Payment Gateways?

Internet payment gateways is a software program. The transactions that you make in a website to avail the services of online banking or online shopping or any other activity that involves some monetary connection is taken care by internet payment gateways. Internet payment gateways function like the credit card used to make credit purchases and withdraw cash during times of emergency. The payment gateway helps in the transfer of all relevant information regarding funds.

Why They are Used?

Internet payment gateways are primarily used for two functions. One of the functions is to facilitate ecommerce transactions while the other is to manage risks. Ecommerce transactions are those payments and receipts made electronically with the help of internet. Even though ecommerce transactions are highly beneficial there are lots of risks involved. For e.g. if somebody is able to make a note of your account details he will be able to misuse the funds. Internet payment gateways also make sure that they don’t happen. Even if somebody accesses the account details by chance the account detail must be prudent enough to implement security measures so as to prevent further losses. This function is taken care by internet payment gateways.

Payment Gateways

Their Functionalities

Internet payment solutions function is to check that the person entering the details of the account does is the authenticated user. As soon as he enters the information the system checks it and processes it further. Apart from this internet gateway also functions to introduce lot of security measures on the basis of transactions and the nature of business. Apart from this it facilitates many functions like multi level membership and And back office integration.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Internet payment gateway is a boon to the modern business world. It would have been merely impossible to go ahead with transactions in the international scenario but for internet payment gateways. However they are not free from some limitations like vulnerability in case of inadequate security measures and some of their applications have drawn great criticism due to practical difficulties.


The following are some of the benefits of internet payment gateways

No Technical Knowledge is Required

A customer need not know any software program or posses technical knowledge to Make payments through internet gateways. He should be able to use computer proficiently and a basic knowledge of internet will be sufficient for this purpose. As a result the company is relieved from providing manuals or other documents to serve this purpose.

Time Taken to Implement is Less

The company need not spend lot of time in training and implementing this software unlike the implementation exercise of complex software like enterprise resource planning. On the other hand it is easy to use software and hence the company can easily brief the employees regarding usage of this particular software program.

Offers lot of Options

This software program offers lot of option to the customer and the company as well. The company may choose to offer some or all additional features to the customer. Similarly the customer can also request the company for additional features if he feels that it will be compatible and it will make his job easier and as well as save his time and money.