Smart payment Plan is an organization that arranges the swift and fast payment of your loans and periodic bills of fixed amount. We make you budgets easy by matching your incomes on your paydays to your payments of loans. We save your money and time by making the whole system of payments automatic and reducing interest charges.

A market leader

Smart Payment Plan is a market leader in making such payments. It has clear and well-defined mechanism of such payments. Our clients are very pleased with our services. We have been recently awarded Diamond Award in ninth annual Auto Dealer Monthly Dealers’ Choice Awards for best customer services and care. This shows the confidence of people they repose in us.

Payments Range

We make payments for all the loans, debts and bills as far as they remain fixed and periodic. All types of loan such as car loans, boat loans, credit cards and home mortgages are paid. Similarly all the bills are paid through our payment plan. The examples of bills are daycare, cable, cell phone and rent. A bill is payable as long as it remains fixed and periodic.

Advantages of the plan

Smart Payment Plan simplifies your budget by matching your payments to your paydays. You pay down your loans in no time and get your liability reduced at a higher rate. Mortgages are paid within 7 years and auto loans are paid within 8 month periodic. Your money is saved due to early payment of your loan. Small automated chunks of payments are easier to pay and you need not check any mails. Our plan enhances your personal credit worthiness.

Safe and guaranteed

It is a perfect safe method of payments. There is no threat to your payments because electronic mechanisms are safer than checks. There is no danger of mail theft and laws of the state make the reversal of debit possible within a time of 90 days. It is a 100 % guaranteed method of payments. We guarantee your full satisfaction and the payment of your loans on time. Even then, if you are not satisfied, you may cancel the plan at any moment and claim the refund you have contributed as lifetime membership.

Costs and Difficult Situations

It has no preliminary costs and the amount of your debits never changes. Transaction fee equal to one dollar is added to every debit. On the other hand, we save your money in terms of payments for stamps, checks and interest. No penalties and fines can even be imagined. Secondly, if you have not enough money in your account, you may cancel or reschedule the plan of payments. You have full authority to rejoin the program at later times whenever you want.

Smart payment plan is the best consumer bill payment option that saves your time and money. We have earned good market repute for our services. Our valued customers have great confidence in us. Our plan is effective, smart and reliable that frees you from keeping record of payment days and responding emails and letters. We are always efficient to pay off your liabilities on scheduled dates